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The best computer program in the world is worthless if you can’t get the help and support that you need – when you need it! Just about everybody has had the unfortunate experience, at one time or another, of buying an inferior product only to find out later that the old saying is true - "You get what you pay for!" Don’t be misled by limited function, deep discount tax software programs that are loaded with glitches and have no meaningful technical support - REGARDLESS of the salesman’s claims. Why buy a tax software program and then find out that there is an extra charge for "Premium" technical support?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a question about your tax software and not being able to get an answer. Our competitors use computers for ALLEGEDLY improved responsiveness to customers… Call Centers, confusing phone menu Tele-maze systems, and voice mail jail. Do you really have the time to wait on hold when you’re trying to run a business?

With WorldWideWeb Tax, the company known for quality technical support, you’ll get great service you can count on. And none of the hassles of the typical "bargain basement" tax software programs. Life’s better when things go smoothly! 

What makes our technical support different?
With 1040 ValuePak’s ease of use you’ll probably never have to call us. But if you do, our Support Technicians are standing by awaiting your phone call. Once you are a customer you’ll have a DIRECT ACCESS phone number to Technical Support. Our seasoned and experienced Support Technicians answer the phones immediately and resolve over 80% of our customer's problems within 10 minutes of the first call.! When you call us you’ll speak directly to a Support Technician. We have the best technician to user ratio in the industry! This drastically reduces the user’s potential down time, and greatly minimizes the possibility of catastrophic problems during the busy tax season.

You’ll get answers to your questions fast from our courteous and knowledgeable, first class, 100% USA based Technical Support Staff. You’ll never wind up talking to an unknowledgeable person in a foreign country. We’re open extended hours during tax season and we speak both English and Spanish. Quality help is just a phone call away! It’s like having our entire team on your staff - At no charge!

What our customers are saying… you can take their word for it! View our Testimonials.
You'll love our remote access capabilities!
Our Remote Access Capabilities enable us to connect to, and operate, your computer from our Technical Support Center and solve any problems that you may be experiencing.
The premium features without the premium price!
We are the most reliable tax software company in the country. At WorldWideWeb Tax we’re committed to helping you succeed. After all, what’s good for you is good for us! But don’t take our word for it. Take our customer’s word for it. Just look at the actual, unsolicited testimonials from our customers here on our web site. Click the View our Testimonials link above. You can read for yourself what our customers are saying about us!

With 1040 ValuePak you’ll experience the premium features without the premium price. You’ll take advantage of the power, versatility and flexibility of technology and get the features you want. You’ll experience unprecedented levels of productivity, profitability, and customer service. With WorldWideWeb Tax our support will take your practice to the next level! You can count on us every step of the way!

Our technical support builds relationships that last a lifetime!
Utilizing our advanced technology you’ll have the competitive advantage that you need to succeed. You need more than just a tax software program, you need a technology partner that assists with every aspect of your tax practice. You need WorldWideWeb Tax! At WorldWideWeb Tax we don’t just build a first class tax software program, we build relationships that last a lifetime!
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