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WorldWideWeb Tax, a pioneer of electronic filing, offers the easiest, most reliable and streamlined, state-of-the-art, fully integrated electronic filing tax software and Filing Center in the industry! These days tax returns are filed electronically. There’s never been a better time than now to find out how you can "cash in" on the electronic filing revolution with 1040 ValuePak’s "One Click" electronic filing! With our easy and convenient Communications Module you can efile one tax return, or one hundred tax returns, all at once. It’s up to you! And best of all, if you’re doing a bank product, your customer doesn't need a dime ahead of time to pay for your services. By participating in the WorldWideWeb Tax electronic filing and bank product program, you can offer your customers a solution to all their electronic filing needs, and you'll provide them with their refund checks now, from you - not several weeks from now from the IRS.
What makes our electronic filing software different?
Our tax software provides an electronic link to the WorldWideWeb Tax Filing Center, the IRS, and our Participating Bank. WorldWideWeb Tax data processing professionals have created a transmission software package that is fast, efficient, and simple to install and use. Our tax software enables you to offer bank products to your customers in the convenience of your own office. To further meet your electronic filing needs, WorldWideWeb Tax also offers additional options.

We offer fast, reliable service that you and your clients can depend on. Our fully integrated electronic filing software, low transmission rates, and one of the lowest bank product fees in the industry will enable you to enjoy a smooth and profitable tax season. With 1040 ValuePak’s speed, accuracy, steadfast reliability, and rock solid performance you’ll have the most profitable tax season ever! 

Incredibly Easy to Use!
Tax Preparers regularly compliment us on how incredibly easy our tax software is to use and how it provides them with more information and utilities than other tax software packages. In fact, our tax software is so easy to learn and use, you will be up and running in just a few minutes enabling you to transmit immediately. It's the most complete, low cost, efficient, electronic filing and bank product software in the industry. It is undeniably the most effective and efficient transmission software on the market. Our easy to use program will take care of all of your electronic filing needs!
What our customers are saying… you can take their word for it! View our Testimonials.
Bank Products
Bank Products provide taxpayers with their money today, when they need it, not weeks from now. With WorldWideWeb Tax it’s easy it is to provide your clients with bank products, putting money into your client’s hands, and yours, very quickly! 1040 ValuePak smoothly integrates premier bank products with electronic filing so you can quickly increase your revenue!

Your clients will appreciate the ability to electronically file their tax return with no up-front, out-of-the-pocket expenses. That's right, when the IRS deposits the taxpayer's refund into the bank's account your fees are deducted and wired into your account the very next day.
What makes our Unparalleled Bank Products different?
Our Participating Bank offers your clients a full range of refund options. The key benefits of our bank products include:
Free check stock and on-site check printing! Direct deposit of your preparation fees!
Checks cashable at WalMart! Competitively priced!
Direct deposit of taxpayer refunds! Pre-paid cards available!
Success. Now and in the future!
Security. Our filing center boasts extensive Department of Defense level security, exceptional redundant technology, and a 99.999% uptime record.

Support. Our Filing Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, insuring that you will always have access and transmission capabilities.

Success. Now and in the Future. Last season our Filing Center processed over 3 million returns and over 4.5 billion dollars in bank products. 1040 ValuePak is the one solution you need by your side this tax season! It’s got all the features to get the job done and is powerful enough to do it quickly and easily!

Free Tax Software Offer #2!
If you electronically file fifty (50) federal bank products with our Participating Bank that are funded by 12:00 midnight ET April 15th you'll receive a refund of your basic purchase price of the 1040 ValuePak Individual tax software. Your refund will be mailed on or before May 31st. Your account with us must be current at all times in order to qualify for this free tax software offer. This offer applies to first time users of our tax software only. Special rules apply to our free tax software offer in year two and thereafter. This offer is for a refund of the basic purchase price of the Individual tax software only and it does not apply to add-ons, such as the network software or business tax software program add-ons. This offer is not available to consumers. 
Our software builds relationships that last a lifetime!
Obtaining an Electronic Filing Identification Number – EFIN. If you need assistance completing IRS Form 8633 to obtain an EFIN just call us and we’ll walk you through it. In fact, you may want to call us first anyway because there’s some IRS technicalities involved that could trip you up.

Make the right choice and sign up today. If you have any questions just call us. Our courteous Customer Support Representatives will be happy to assist you. Come and join the WorldWideWeb Tax™ Advantage! At WorldWideWeb Tax we don’t just build a first class tax software program, we build relationships that last a lifetime! We look forward to serving your electronic filing and bank product needs.

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